World Toilet Day 2020 — Everyone talks about clean water, but access to sanitation is equally as important.

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Photo of a newly constructed household toilet in Cambodia. Courtesy of

By Elan Emanuel, Senior Associate, Investor Relations at WaterEquity

When discussing the global water and sanitation crisis, we mostly talk about clean water. Water is tangible, it’s visually beautiful, and the benefits of having access to clean water are easily understood. …

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By Alix Lebec, EVP of Business Development and Investor Relations, WaterEquity

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Week, Month, Era as well as World Water Day; let me introduce you to Chim Chany, an entrepreneurial and brave woman I recently met in Cambodia, while traveling for WaterEquity.

With a daily income of $2–8 a day, Chim Chany and her family struggled to pay the $26 a month needed for an un-safe water connection contaminated with arsenic. …



WaterEquity is the first asset manager exclusively focused on solving the most urgent issue of our time — the global water and climate crisis.

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